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3D Printers | BCN3 Sigma R19

BCN3 Sigma R19

The new BCN3D Sigma R19 marks an assured step forwards for BCN3D. Improved usability comes in new print modes and UI enhancements. This and core components from notable 3D printing OEMs help make it the best Sigma yet.



Mirror and Duplication Modes

Double the production capacity of any competitor within the same size and price range.

Hotends by E3D

Optimized and manufactured by the global specialists, provide a much smoother and reliable printing.

Bondtech Dual-drive gears

The most powerful and renowned extrusion system to feed a wide range of materials.

Filament Runout Sensor

Save time and money increasing the success printing rate.

Improved UX/UI

New assisted routines for a simpler and more intuitive printer operation.

BCN3 Sigma R19


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