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3D Scanners | EinScan 3D Pro+

EinScan3D Pro+

High Speed Handheld 3D Scanner
EinScan-Pro series are your best choice for capturing real world data to convert into a digital 3D model. It can be used on consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, artwork archival, animation and even human body acquisition.



New-generation Handheld HD Scanning Mode

Scanning Range is Enlarged 1.6 Times

With new-generation Handheld HD Scanning Mode, capturing 3D scanning details at high scanning speed can be done simultaneously. Now the EinScan-Pro+, equipped with a brand-new generation of handheld rapid HD scanning technology, protected by an international patent, offers an enhanced handheld HD scanning mode by implementing and using an intensive line-scanning strategy

The EinScan-Pro+ recalibrates the scanning range by using a new 300 x 170 mm (11.8x 6.69 in) single-side scanning range. The area of single frame scanning is enlarged 1.6 times. The handheld scanning speed, for large-size objects, has been considerably increased. It is more efficient to scan large size object by EinScan Pro+

Glossy and Shiny Look in a New Champagne Gold Scheme

Closely following the trend of fashion, the appearance of EinScan-Pro+ is in a champagne-gold color, offering a delicate and profound metallic texture

EinScan3D Pro+


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