Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently asked questions

When I upload a 3D model to the site, textures and colours are sometimes missing: how can I make them appear?

When you upload your 3D file in certain formats, for instance .obj, you should include colours, textures and the 3D model in a .zip archive. To upload your 3D model to the site, you must then select the .zip file on your computer.

What are the file formats supported by my3dshoppe for 3D printing?

For best results in your 3D printing, we suggest uploading in .STL or .OBJ format.

What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload to my3Dshoppe?

The recommended maximum file size is 50MB. We’ll still accept larger files, but anything over 50 MB will provide a degraded experience since manipulation and display of such a large file results in a slower interface and longer delays in repairs etc..

Where can I get 3D files already designed by others?

You can check out this article about the best 3D printing marketplaces

3D technology

What software should I use if I’m a beginner in 3D design?

- Google provides a free, easy to use application called Google Sketchup. This tool allows you to design everything you want in 3D, through an intuitive interface, and offers free 3D models for download. - Wings 3D is another free 3D application; the website has a forum, which is very useful to find answers to all your questions. - Blender is available for free, but targets a more experienced audience. - Newcomer Sculptris works like you are sculpting directly from clay. - Make Human is a free specialized in human body 3D designs and lets you play with all body and face details. Amazing!
(versions compatible with the site for 3D printing: "Nightly Build" or v. 0.9.1). - GLC Player is a free application which allows you to easily view 3D models. It’s lighter than regular modelling software so comes in handy when you just need to quickly check a 3D model before uploading it to (are the materials properly linked to the model ? Are the textures in the right place? Has the model changed before and after the export?). GLC Player also lets you categorize 3D models into albums (like you would with a photo album).

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a digital manufacturing process that makes it possible to create a physical object from a 3D file. The object is formed by applying successive layers of solid material. 3D Printing also known as Additive Manufacturing as a general term that covers various techniques.

How does 3D printing work?

3D Printing technologies build an object layer by layer to create a complex shape. In order to build this object we need a 3D file that contains accurate information about the geometry of the part. Then the information in this 3D file is sent to the 3D-printer that will build up the material matching the 3D file.

How thick does my object have to be in order to be strong enough?

The minimum thickness of your object depends on the material you use.
With white plastic, a wall with a thickness of 0.03 in (0.8 mm) would be reasonably strong but flexible. Above 0.08 in (2 mm), the walls are really strong.
With coloured material, minimum wall thickness is 0.12 (3 mm) in to ensure your object is solid enough.
With silver material, minimal wall thickness is 2 mm. The model should not include holes less than 3 mm diameter. The object should not include any moving parts.
Keep these values in mind when you design and order your objects. In particular, be careful when you change the object scale.

Ordering and Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cash or credit card. For printing weight more than 100gm, payment term is 50% deposit and 50% upon completion. For printing weight more than 1Kg, 100% payment advance is required before printing. The payment is refundable if you not satisfy with the printing quality, subject to level of defect.

How are prices calculated?

The price depends on several criteria, including (but not limited to): -The physical quantity of material used for the end objects -The total quantity of material used during the manufacturing process (supports, offcuts) -Time spent in post-processing, quality control and packaging -The material and finish chosen

What are your shipping methods?

We offer classic delivery: your items are delivered by a parcel service and you typically receive it 2 days after production is complete. Our warranty against printing defect is 1 week after you received the model.

Where do you ship from?

Depending on the country where the order is to be delivered, we will ship it from our workshop based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Can I pick up my objects in my3Dshoppe facilities?

Amongst our shipping methods you can choose self pickup. With this shipping method you can pick up your items at our production centers.

How can I order?

Fill our "Order Form" to place your order, or send Email ( to us for any inquiries.


How can I contact you if I can’t find the help I need on your website?

You can contact us directly, or call. We have staff available who speak English and Malay, please indicate your preferred language once you get through to us.
Malaysia: +603-2726 2476 (ext: 4087) If you prefer we also offer live chat, at the bottom right of every page.