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3D Printers | Form 3B+ Package

Form 3B+ Package

  • Form 3B+ 3D Printer

  • Form 3 Resin Tank

  • Form 3 Build Platform

  • Form 3 Finish Kit

  • Cleaning tools

  • Medical Service Plan, 1 Year*


Key Features

  • Enhanced light touch support structures that detach from parts in seconds to save post-processing time

  • LFS technology accurately resolves fine features by delivering a clean, uniform laser spot size of 85 microns across the entire print surface

  • Powerful, 250mW high-intensity laser and precisely tuned settings for every material 

  • Flexible resin tank and refinements to the Light Processing Unit (LPU) create near perfect alignment between printed layers, giving parts a production-like finish

  • Adaptive Layer Thickness automatically analyses the geometry of parts and assigns layer heights throughout to maximise print speeds while preserving fine detail

  • Integrated sensors to monitor and maintain conditions for consistent performance

  • Versatility to print in a range of resins, with easy to swap tanks and cartridges

  • Automated post-processing solutions simplify and streamline the entire 3D printing workflow: Form WashForm Cure and Build Platform 2

Form 3B+ Package


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