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3D Printers | Formlabs Form 2

Formlabs Form 2

The Form 2 brings powerful 3D printing to your dental business. Its speed, precision, and compact footprint make it perfect for dental practices and labs. With the Form 2, you can easily and reliably produce precise surgical guides, retainers, aligners, and more.



Improve Clinical Outcomes

Produce In House

Work Smarter

Improve patient experience by combining intraoral scanning, CBCT imaging, and the Form 2. This powerful workflow lets you integrate imaging data in dental software to design precise appliances and plan procedures for better clinical outcomes. 

Bringing production in the house gives you more control over the fabrication process, faster turnaround time, and lower costs. Digital workflows require less manual labor and time than traditional methods.  

Our library of Standard and Biocompatible
Resins enable a broad set of dental
applications - all powered by the same

Formlabs Form 2


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