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3D Printing Filaments Materials

With the best range of commercial 3d printing technologies, my3dshoppe delivers a perfect combination of 3D printing, materials and application expertise.

About 3D Filament Materials

3D printing filament is like ink for 3D Printer to print a 3D object. There are many types of filament available with different properties, requiring different temperatures to print such as ABS, PLA, TPU and many more. 

We offers the best quality products to our clients by providing premium filament suitable for any kind of 3D printers. We know that to ensure a reliable printing, the precision of the filament diameter and the roundness of the filament is vital. Our premium filaments are selected from the best quality filaments around the world, manufactured from the finest quality materials and produced to extremely tight tolerance to ensure consistent feed and stable printing. By providing all these, it helps to protect 3D printer's extruder from clogging, thus, enlengthen the life of the 3D printer. It also helps to reduce printing error which will reduce the maintenance cost.

Premium 3D Filament Brand & Type


1. Cubicon PLA Filament


Cubicon PLA filament is an environmentally friendly material made of corn and sugar cane, it generates almost no hazardous elements throughout printing. PLA has 70% - 89% strength of ABS. PLA can deform at high temperature

Color available: Aqua blue, Celosia orange, Cherry pink, Crystal white, Classic black, Dark grey, Fresh green, Lemon yellow, Metallic silver, Mint yellow, Natural, Pure green, Metallic gold, Romantic red, Sapphire blue, Snow White

2. Cubicon ABS Filament

Cubicon ABS Filament

Cubicon ABS filament is a type of filament that is used in most of the process for making commonly used plastic products. They are delivered in air-tight packages which included desiccants

Color available:  Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Luminous, Natural, Orange, Peak Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

3. Cubicon TPU Filament

Cubicon TPU filament is flexible materials and can be variously utilized. TPU is a resin of the polyurethane and it will be delivered in a vacuum pack with desiccants.


Colour available: Transparent, Black, Blue, Green, Red

4. Verbatim PLA Filament


Verbatim PLA filament is made from polylactic acid, which is more pliable than ABS. PLA does not require a heated bed for printing and offers filament option with transparent qualities.

Color available: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Silver, Natural Transparent

5. Verbatim ABS Filament


Verbatim ABS filament is engineered from a mix of styrene, acryl, and butadiene. This blend results in a product that is extremely durable and impact resistant, yet rigid. ABS filament required a heated bed for optimum printing.

Color available: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Transparent

6. Verbatim PET Filament

PET filament, crafted from polyethylene terephthalate, is a lightweight yet strong filament. With a high level of transparency, PET filament offers great layer adhesion for a good surface finish. PET filament also know as Food Grade filament but need to separate the nozzle to avoid the contaminant. 

Color available: Natural

7. Verbatim PRIMALLOY™ Filament

PRIMALLOY™ Flexible 3D Filament is a high performance, polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer which consists of a mixture of a crystalline aromatic polyester block (mainly PBT) and an uncrystallize polyether block (mainly poly-tetramethylene-ether-glycol). This mixture gives objects printed with PRIMALLOY unique flexibility without sacrificing durability.

Colour available: White

Comparison between Type of Filaments

ABS vs PLA (Solid Materials)


TPU vs PRIMALLOY™ (Soft & Flexible Materials)


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